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Impact Entrepreneurship Magazine – Inspirational Ideas To Raise Awareness, Release Resistance and Raise The Vibration of the Planet.

As the flagship publication of The Mystic Media Group, our intention for Impact Entrepreneurship Magazine is to become THE HUB for impact entrepreneurs around the world; a member-based community where conscious creators can easily access news, information, inspirational thinking, education, jobs and other visionaries just like you who are making a difference in the world through conscious commerce.

Our core mission is to consciously create, incubate, accelerate, and nurture the development of economically sustainable, profitable enterprises which have a positive impact on society, the economy and our environment. Here you will find news, articles, educational programs, directories of companies, commercial products, services and solutions to the most pressing needs of people and the planet and more, as we continuously scour the landscape for exemplary contributors and change agents that are achieving a sustainable impact for good and for all.

As Netizens of the digital age, we have also come to realize that news and information are not enough to foster a vibrant community. Mindset matters. It is what brought you here and what others who are to come will share with you. The clearer you are on your intentions, your vision, your mission and the impact you want to have on the world, the better you feel, the more in alignment you will be with your inner truth, wisdom and self-guidance systems and the more likey you are to have the follow through needed to make an impact, leave a legacy for good and live a life worth living…

We are here to contribute and guide the socially minded, impact oriented entrepreneur and serve as an inspiration to those who have the courage to think different, to dream and to consciously make a positive impact on the world we live in. There is nothing in this world we cannot change, with awareness, intention, decision and conscious action. Every issue, cause and challenge we face today as a human race on this planet we have created. I believe that with conscious intention and a dominant intention of doing well and doing good, together, we can be the change you want to see. To make the best of where we are, where we find ourselves today and where we wish the world to be, we must reach our highest, most inspired and greatest state of joy.

You are free to choose how you will feel, what you will believe, what you will do and what impact your existence will have on the people and planet.

Welcome and thank you for joining us.

~ Dr. John G. Locke
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Impact Entrepreneurship Magazine
Visionary & Founder, The Mystic Media Group