Coaching and Training Programs for The Impact Entrepreneur

Coaching and Training Programs for The Impact Entrepreneur

The Mystic Media Group is pioneering exciting new techniques and ways to deliver inspirational and informational products to a global audience of business leaders and conscious entrepreneurs interested in sustainable business development practices that can advance people, planet, profits and global consciousness.

With the 2014 launch of our flagship trans-media publication “Impact Entrepreneurship Magazine,” we have established THE HUB for connecting with other Impact Entrepreneurs who seek to make a difference in the world we live in and be the leading endue change of conscious commerce.  Join us for curated news and information, current research findings, community memberships, corporate sponsorships, institutional alliances plus invitation only workshops and events.

2014 Impact Entrepreneur Training Programs

The Mystic Media Group in conjunction with The Mystic Media Academy and Impact Entrepreneurship Magazine has developed a unique 3-tier global outreach program, designed to inspire, inform and connect socially minded entrepreneurs and business owners around the world interested in leveraging the “Power of Blue” to grow their enterprise.

Venture-Cuest 2014  – For the Impact Entrepreneur or Soul-o-Preneur

Inspired by the 48 Hour Film Project, the Mystic Media Group’s Venture-Cuest Project is dedicated to the global incubation of Blue Businesses and to promoting those businesses around the world.  Through this collaborative 48 hour event, the Program encourages individual, visionaries and impact entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect, collaborate and take their best shot at making an impact and a profit in as short a time as possible.

48 hours after kickoff, participants must submit a preliminary problem to be solved, a preliminary product design, go to market research and positioning and present a pitch to launch a viable, sustainable business to a panel of Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.  This high-pressure event puts the focus squarely on the Impact Entrepreneur — emphasizing creativity, collaboration, contribution, market innovation and sound business development principles and leveraging the “Power of Blue” to make a difference in the world we live in.  During the weekend, participating founders and their business development teams come together to co-create something special.

Guided by our founder and visionary, Dr. John G. Locke each team completes initial phases of problem identification, market research, solution ideation, prototyping, go-to-market strategy, sustainability impact and revenue growth projections in just 48 hours.

While the time limit places an unusual restriction on the founders and their teams, it is also exhilarating, putting an emphasis on building a “true blue” sustainable, profitable business, that could actually make a significant contribution to humanity, the planet or society at large.

Blue Lotus Boot Camps – VIP Accelerator Programs For the Social Enterprise

For corporate intrapreaneurs or visionaries already working within companies who have been operational for 48 months or more, and generating at least 5% of their revenues from the sale of products or services, we offer a week long startup accelerator program designed to nurture your impact-based enterprise through it next level of growth.  Participants in this week-long boot camp will be introduced our C.A.R.E. program, and be given direct access to our visionary founder, Dr. John G. Locke. Dr. John Locke is an Impact Entrepreneur and expert in sustainable business development.  Over the last 30 years he has launched 9 of his own companies and is today the  is the Founder and Visionary CEO of The Mystic Media Group.  Dr. Locke has lectured or served on the faculties of some of the top universities in the world including the University of Southern California, John’s Hopkins University, University of Hawaii, Michigan State University, Stockholm University and International Technological University.

Institutional Alliances, Corporate Consulting and Blue-Lotus Certification
For institutions interested in moving beyond Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and proactively seeking to create a towards positive and sustainable impact in the world Dr. John Locke will work with your organization 1:1 to develop a sustainable inpact business model in line with our Blue Lotus initiatives.  Institutions are assessed, ranked and monitored for progress towards the attainment of impact-generating results that improve the world we live in.

~Together, we can make a difference.  Will you be the change you want to see?~

For more information, or to apply forone of our limited-space, VIP programs, please contact us here.

Five Tips for Becoming a Social Entrepreneur

Investigate business incubators and be prepared to embrace constant change are among Zack Rosenberg’s top tips…

TOMS Shoes

Blake Mycoskie, founder and chief shoe giver, TOMS shoes. Photograph: Scott Melcer/WireImage

What’s great about this generation is the strong belief that business can and should be done differently. We’ve lived through decades of business models that were profitable, but too often at the expense of quality or compassion. What folks such as Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS shoes, and the late Paul Newman, founder of Newman’s Own, have proven is that businesses can meet financial goals as well as have a positive, social impact.

But how to know if your idea for a social venture is a good one, or if you are the right person to make it happen? Sometimes that realisation comes unexpectedly. My turning point took place in a meeting between a large global corporation and a social media executive. They were discussing ways to capitalise on the loopholes that helped them avoid paying taxes and pour profits into another business venture. I knew then that I could no longer devote my time and energy to furthering their cause. I was determined to develop a business model that could generate profits but also make a difference in the world. That was the start of DoGoodBuyUs.

If you have an idea or philosophy about creating a for-profit business where you can do well and do good, here are five important tips to get you headed in the right direction:

1) Three approaches to building a platform
Unlike a traditional business that is structured solely for profit, social entrepreneurs can choose one of these three methods for integrating giving back into their business: a) donate a percentage of company profits b) affiliate with a cause, community, and/or charity and develop a product or service that will raise money and c) fundraise and share in the upside.

2) Understand the role of benefit corporations and business incubators
In the past few years, numerous organisations have developed to help make social entrepreneurship more accessible and successful. They can be a source of financial support as well as provide mentorship and guidance. Incubators such as The Unreasonable Institute, Civic Ventures, Conscious Labs and hundreds of others are springing up. Investigate and make yourself known.

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via Five tips for becoming a social entrepreneur in 2014 | Media Network | Guardian Professional

Our Programs

Social Entrepreneurship Magazine does not stop at publishing the latest, most inspiring news in the field of Social Entrepreneurship, we also privately coach entrepreneurs to make a difference through the work they do and create a positive impact on the world through conscious commerce.

Our Impact Entrepreneurship ™ and Global Social Entrepreneur Coaching Programs and consulting services can help you:

  • Identify Your Inspiration and Cause
  • Define The Problem and the Opportunity you can impact
  • Declare and Develop Your Mission
  • Envision The Change You Wish to Be
  • Develop Your Solution
  • Build Your Team
  • Bring it to Market
  • Scale Your Operations and Revenues (Develop A Scaling Strategy)
  • Measure Impact (Develop a Metric for Measuring Impact)
  • Manage (Develop a Risks Management Plan)
  • Manage Finances (Develop A Financial Plan and Funding Pitch)

If you are a social entrepreneur seeking to make a difference, create a positive impact in the world, and be the change needed to take our world to a higher vibration please Contact Us to learn more.