Crowd-Funded, Interest Free, Community Impact Loans for Small Business Owners

Kiva Zip and FundWell Partner to Provide Crowd-Funded, Interest Free, Community Impact Loans for Small Business Owners

Kiva Zip, a pilot program run by non-profit, provides small, crowd-funded business loans to financially excluded entrepreneurs in the United States and Kenya. Kiva Zip employs a model of “trust-based underwriting” so that small business owners can achieve social impact in their local economy. Read about some of those achievements in 2013 here!

In 2014, Kiva Zip aims to expand its program by growing the number of borrowers who access these interest-free loans. To do so, we will partner with like-minded organizations that can introduce us to new entrepreneurs who could benefit from our platform. Kiva Zip’s newest partner in this arena is FundWell.

FundWell is a small business loan-matching and financial wellness website that helps match borrowers in the United States with lenders, educates them about the right loan product, helps them prepare and submit loan applications, and improves their financial wellness and fundability in order to access more capital at lower interest rates over time.

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Impact Investing: The New Philanthropy

Until recently the idea of both investing in a grassroots project in the world’s poorest corners and hoping to turn a reasonable profit were seen as mutually exclusive. If you wanted to help you donated to charity. If you wanted to invest you looked for a more traditional opportunity.

Times have changed. Growing investor interest in philanthropic investing is being matched by increasing opportunities for profit. 

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