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Social Entrepreneurship Magazine does not stop at publishing the latest, most inspiring news in the field of Social Entrepreneurship, we also privately coach entrepreneurs to make a difference through the work they do and create a positive impact on the world through conscious commerce.

Our Impact Entrepreneurship ™ and Global Social Entrepreneur Coaching Programs and consulting services can help you:

  • Identify Your Inspiration and Cause
  • Define The Problem and the Opportunity you can impact
  • Declare and Develop Your Mission
  • Envision The Change You Wish to Be
  • Develop Your Solution
  • Build Your Team
  • Bring it to Market
  • Scale Your Operations and Revenues (Develop A Scaling Strategy)
  • Measure Impact (Develop a Metric for Measuring Impact)
  • Manage (Develop a Risks Management Plan)
  • Manage Finances (Develop A Financial Plan and Funding Pitch)

If you are a social entrepreneur seeking to make a difference, create a positive impact in the world, and be the change needed to take our world to a higher vibration please Contact Us to learn more.

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