Why Sponsor Impact Entrepreneurship Magazine?

Learn how becoming a sponsor of our community can help grow your business.

Social Entrepreneurship Magazine is a transmedia publication for the emerging global community of social entrepreneurs, offering inspired content and curated news from around the world.  We are an advertising supported transmedia platform, and offer corporate sponsors a way to engage the conscious commerce community through our multiple digital transmedia publications and community events.

Corporate Sponsorship and Advertising Programs:

Social Entrepreneurship Magazine offers 5 annual sponsorship levels for our conscious Corporate and Institutional Sponsors.  These self-selecting programs parallel our Who C.A.R.E.S.?  Annual Directory structure, offering increasing levels of participation, visibility and exposure to our community of Social Entrepreneurs.

  • C.ontributing Sponsor – Bronze Program ($2,500/annual)
  • A.dopting Sponsor – Silver Program ($5,000/annual)
  • R.eorganizing Sponsor – Gold Program ($10,000/annual)
  • E.ngaged Sponsor – Platinum Program ($25,000 Annual)
  • S.ustainability Sponsor – Diamond Program ($50,000 Annual)

Each level of sponsorship increases the visibility of your social enterprise across all our publications including:

  1. Social Entrepreneurship Magazine – Daily Online Edition (open-access)
  2. Social Entrepreneurship Magazine – Mobile Online Edition (premium-access)
  3. Social Entrepreneurship Magazine – Monthly Digital Edition (subscriber-only)
  4. Social Entrepreneurship Magazine – Monthly Email Edition (subscriber-only)
  5. Social Entrepreneurship Magazine – Semi-Monthly Email Edition (subscriber-only)
  6. Social Entrepreneurship Magazine – Weekly Newsbeat Email Edition (subscriber-only)
  7. Social Entrepreneurship Magazine – Annual Who C.A.R.E.S. Directory of Conscious Corporations (public access)
  8. Social Entrepreneurship Magazine – Annual Who C.A.R.E.S. Conference (public access)
  9. Social Entrepreneurship Magazine – Affiliate Marketplace, Product and Services Directory

Each program level offers our community sponsors increasing opportunities  to engage with our community through:

Digital Media Placements:

  • Online Edition – Banner, graphic or video advertising placement on our Home Page
  • Online Edition – Banner, graphic or video advertising placement on our Articles Page
  • Online Edition – Banner, graphic or video advertising placement on our Blog
  • Online Edition – Banner, graphic or video advertising placement on our Events Page
  • Digital Edition – Graphic or video advertising placement in our Monthly Digital Edition
  • Bi-Monthly Email Edition – Graphic advertising placement in our bi-monthly email edition
  • Monthly Email Edition – Graphic advertising placement in our monthly email edition
  • Weekly Newsbeat – Graphic advertising placement in our weekly newsletter edition

Original Content Publication and News Placement

  • All Editions – Corporate Sponsors are given the opportunity to contribute original, curated content and new releases relevant to our community via our Sponsored Community Contributions Column
  • Featured Content – Featured content call outs and participation in our online member marketplace linking to your contribution.

Business Directory, Marketplace, Listings and Advertising:

  • Who C.A.R.E.S.? Annual Directory – Business Listing in Annual Directory of Conscious Businesses
  • Who C.A.R.E.S.? Annual Directory – Ad Placement opportunities in our online print directory
  • Conscious Commerce Online Marketplace – Product, Service, Logo and Promotional Video and Collateral Placement opportunities

Event Calendar, Speaker Announcements and Promotions:

  • Event Calendar – Special Event Listing Opportunities In Our Event Calendar
  • Speaker Calendar – Speaking Event Listing Opportunities In Our Transmedia Speaker Calendar
  • Academic Open Enrollment Calendar – For Academic Institutions offering Higher Education Degrees in Social Entrepreneurship, we offer a special calendar for key events to help maximize enrollment activity.

Community Discounts and Coupons

  • Discounts on all tickets to any Social Entrepreneurship Magazine Sponsored Event
  • Sponsored Community Discounts and Coupons for our members